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Right of withdrawal


14 days is the maximum time to return the product or service purchased from www.medicinadellavoro.com

The buyer can return the goods being responsible only for any decrease in value or quantity. The EU directive provides for the liability of the consumer only if linked to the manipulation of the goods purchased.

To return the purchased products, send an email in advance to: info@medicinadellavoro.com or follow the procedure described on the following page:

Deliveries and Returns


The entry into force of Legislative Decree n. 24 of 2/2/2002, has led many to believe that the guarantee has gone from 1 year to 2 years on all products, always and in any case. In reality this is not the case. It is true that the legislative decree provides for an extension of the duration of the minimum guarantee to TWO years but only for the guarantee related to the purchase of a product made by the private consumer, therefore not if the consumer is a business or a professional. In a nutshell, the obligation to offer an extended warranty lasting 24 months exists only for the sale to PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS. If an entrepreneur - even an individual - buys an asset that is attracted to the sphere of business or profession, the decree 24/2002 does not apply. Operationally, this means that the same product sold to the same natural person must enjoy a guarantee of: a) One year, if invoiced to a company or profession (subject to VAT); b) Two years, if fiscally described as sold to a private individual.

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